Welcome to Five Eye

At Five Eye Brewing, we pride ourselves on creating as much brewing equipment as possible. At some point, we will have to purchase something off the shelf or prefabricated. However, the majority of things we purchase are components to piece together a brewing system that offers us a more custom solution. To build this, our team relentlessly puts in the hours (before and after our day jobs) to open our dream. Ultimately, we want to enjoy great beer with hard working people like you.

Whether it is commenting on a picture of us fabricating or feedback on a beer you tried, we appreciate the support. All of your support gives us the drive to work harder to get to that long awaited finish line. Even though we don’t have doors to open yet, we do have a schedule, budget and a plan.

Please continue to look back here for updates and events we will be attending. We will soon have information about tastings, merchandise and our progress.

If you are interested in being directly involved in our dream, we will be participating in a Kickstarter Campaign. We are looking to raise funding for parts to assemble our own Keg Washer. Thank you for all your support and requests.